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  • Managerial Books
  • Basic Financial Model
  • Strategic Game Plan

Get a solid foundation in place to navigate any scenario with one of our packages below: 

  • Managerial Books Package
  • Financial Model Package
  • Game Plan Package

Or get a deal when you purchase a package of all 3!


$1,200 - $2,750
  • Full Financial Modeling
  • Monthly Close Meetings
  • Ad hoc Strategist Support

Get our standardized financial modeling framework to help you make key business decisions with visibility into your numbers. All Analyst Plans are supported by the Ronin Analyst team on a monthly close cadence.

 Meet once a month with a Ronin Strategist to review your numbers and the implications for growth strategy.



$2K - $6K
  • Dedicated Ronin Strategist

  • Standard Weekly Meetings

  • Full Analyst Team

Get a dedicated Ronin Strategist on your leadership team along with the full support of the Ronin Analyst Team on the numbers side.

Strategist Plans are anchored by a cadence of standing weekly touch points to make sure the team stays on track while making progress toward big goals. 

Analyst And Strategist Plans Are Billed On A Monthly Basis.
Our Service And Pricing Scales According To The Stage Of Your Business.

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