Financial intelligence for pioneering entrepreneurs.

Financial intelligence for pioneering entrepreneurs.

Financial Foresight

Look into the future.
Make a plan, set goals.

Mindful Management

Add, subtract, multiply, divide. Simple math, easy numbers.

Responsible Growth

Use what you need when you need it. No more, no less.

Solid books

Good, clean record-keeping. That's it.

Change Now, Impact Later

Easy analytics.
Elemental principals.
Exponential growth.


Crux Climbing Center

Community climbing gym grows membership and margins year over year.

“With Ronin by my side, I feel more confident as a business owner. Like I have someone to collaborate and share ideas with. While there is a price tag attached to them I just couldn’t imagine not having them around. They bring a component to the business that I feel like I couldn’t do without. They are the ultimate business partner.”


Crux is aiming for leadership in this rapidly growing industry by building community through climbing. Business owner Kevin Goradia had ambitious plans but first needed the right team in place to help hone the business model in its flagship location in South Austin.


Alejandro Navarro is helping the leadership team set a pace for ambitious yet responsible growth with a powerful combination of backward and forward looking financials. Together they are empowering and educating the team and getting the right people in the right roles from front desk staff down to investors and advisors.

Vedros Studio

Freelance design studio scales sales and structure for global reach.

“The most valuable part of my relationship with The Ronin Society has been their patience in walking me through things that were foreign to me. They’ve educated me in business and in finance, two areas most creatives never grasp. As a result I feel we have a step up in the industry and can say with total confidence that our business is on a road to great success.”


Vedros Studio is out to build a global brand by creating not only great but deeply authentic design work. For that, Vedros Studio needed not just creativity but strong financials. With almost zero foundation and little financial knowledge we started from scratch with Meryl Vedros building financial savvy and mastery of the numbers.


Chris Sica is working with Meryl to productize what is traditionally a service business. Together they are building design and research services for scalability by getting internal operations standardized, automated, and delegated while tightening up pricing and putting financial best practices in place.


Talent management software business grows sales, service and SaaS metrics.

“The thing that was most important to me when choosing The Ronin Society was experience. They have done it before and are able to support what they put together in front of people who can tear it apart. They are going to help you create the financial models you need to run your business, talk to your investors, and talk to your board to demonstrate the metrics you are attaining on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.”


TalentGuard is on a mission to help HR managers worldwide better engage and retain employees through best in class software solutions. To do that CEO Linda Ginac is building a team and using a continuous improvement process guided by financial and business metrics to stay ahead of the game and maintain a 2-300% year over year growth rate.


Alejandro Navarro is bringing visibility and fluency in SaaS metrics to bear by translating company data into robust metrics dashboards. He is helping Linda and the executive team solidify growth initiatives by knowing when to support and when to challenge assumptions.


Surveying company triples average monthly revenues and hits profit margin targets.

“The Ronin Society is an organization that brings financial intelligence to a small company. One that helps you prepare for scalability. They’re my partner in crime, someone who thinks about my business the way I do. I don’t see a time when I won’t need the type of guidance and expertise they bring while I have a company.”


The surveying industry is aging, stale and ripe for innovation but Survey Works is overcoming all odds. With The Ronin Society’s help Derek Kinsaul put financial systems and processes in place that enabled average monthly revenues to triple over last year’s business cycle. Our continued success relies on continuous improvement as well as investments in people and process.


Chris Sica is helping founder Derek Kinsaul see how investments in people, training, and systems can pay massive dividends through increased operational bandwidth. This enables him to delegate the day to day so he can focus on bigger picture strategies that really move the needle.

Sportsman’s Finest

Outdoor retailer expands into eCommerce and experiences to drive higher margins.

“Perhaps what stands out most is that I've never had a great CFO and I didn't know what I was missing. Ronin’s relationship with our business is the fastest and most functional transition into a team that I've ever experienced. This new dynamic has illuminated flaws in my leadership structure that in retrospect, have held me back for years. At this point without Ronin as one of our three foundational pillars, it's really difficult to imagine achieving our dreams at full scale.”


CEO Nicholas Vedros is bending the growth curve of an entire industry by transitioning a traditional retail business into an engaging digital enabled brand and ultimately opening up the outdoors to a broader audience. The Ronin Society is helping him pull together the major lines of business and team players that will be key to his success over a multi-year time frame.


Chris Sica is building a cadence of accountability for growth to move the needle on the macro strategy while simultaneously ensuring that day to day financial operations are on track and run smoothly.


Apparel startup scales online sales.

“The team at The Ronin Society has been extremely helpful and hands on with us. We’ve also been able to adjust, personalize and learn from the data gathered as we’ve worked on our numbers. Looking forward to another year of growth and learning with The Ronin Society!”


SUAVS launched with the goal of creating the most comfortable and versatile shoes for busy people on the go. Monxi Garza travels worldwide and is building a brand that helps others go anywhere simply. Successful execution requires a constant and watchful eye on the numbers.


Andy Polito is on board and bringing visibility into financial and business metrics to help the team make informed decisions and act on them. Along with the numbers we are getting organizational and cultural structures in place that are in line with our theme of simple, subtle, and powerful.