Team Ronin

Alejandro Navarro

Co-Founder | CEO

Andrew Polito

Co-Founder | Chief Strategy Officer

Leila Bayless

Head of Operations

Andrew Escher

Head of Innovation

Strategic thinkers armed with experience, tools and open-minds dedicated to elevating the global small market.

Our philosophy

We’re a part of your team

When you sign up with Ronin, we become part of your executive team. From strategy sessions to problem-solving meetings — we’re right there, step-by-step with you.

Creating value together

We believe in doing things the right way. We apply enterprise level financial practices and standards to small businesses, yielding powerful insights for a leg up in the field.

We embrace the journey

At Ronin, we know that not all paths look the same, and success follows a different metric for each person. We’re happy to be part of your journey, and help you reach your destination, wherever that may be.

Why Finance?

Finance is the language of making decisions about time, money, risk and reward. With truthful managerial accounting models and forecasts we can facilitate the right decisions and learning over time.

Why Ronin?

At Ronin we study finance in the context of small and growing teams to elevate small business owners and teams. We’ve have decades of experience managing millions of dollars of growth across a variety of channels. 

And… we’d love to grow with your team.

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