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People Working Together


Growth Story

In September of 2016, two friends got together for drinks at Odd Duck, a local bar and restaurant in Austin, Texas. One was an investor, the other an entrepreneur. One had managed millions of dollars in assets, the other had built a company with millions of dollars in revenue. But, they were restless. They had worked long and hard for many many years, always seeking, always in pursuit of something that could become the calling of a lifetime. Neither had quite yet found what it was they were looking for. They shared ideas. They shared their joys. They shared their frustrations. And in that brief moment of history, over those salty beverages, the idea of The Ronin Society was born.

The Ronin Society Was Built With One Idea In Mind, Helping Small Market Businesses Achieve Their Full Potential.

The small market dominates the global economy. It’s where innovation happens. It’s where families thrive and at times must fight to stay alive. It’s raw and real. Who better to throw their lives behind than supporting these entrepreneurial heroes, these courageous business owners who venture out on their own with nothing but a vision, a passion and a few sticks to rub together. Yes, there was something to it.

The two set out to put a million dollars to work investing in small market businesses. But there was a problem. In short order they discovered that every business they came across first needed help getting their financials in order. They needed a team that could get in the trenches with business owners and operators. Early efforts were hit or miss. Suddenly everything shifted. The team is growing, conducting experiments, ever seeking, ever improving.

Ronin Works With Business Owners And Operators To Get Clarity In Their Numbers & Professionalize Their Management Teams.

There is nothing we enjoy more than building camaraderie in leadership and management teams. We like working with people who have their life at stake in something. We have proprietary tools and processes to get institutional quality financial systems in place in any business in the Small Market.

Over the next 30 years we are building a global asset management business that transcends national boundaries. We are investing in talented people with a unique vision, the underdogs, the dark horses. We are building a network of investors, entrepreneurs, owners and operators on every continent around the globe.

We Believe The Biggest Opportunities Of Our Lifetimes Live In The Dreams And Creations Of These Passionate People.

Our vision is that the sun never sets on The Ronin Society. We see ourselves as the standard bearer of the Small Market always innovating, always advancing. Our process will always be guided by data, but human-centric. We view entrepreneurship through the lens of adventure, see challenges as opportunities and believe in building lasting legacies rather than chasing short-term gains. Onward.

Values + Principles

Authenticity. Transparency. Accountability. 

We are all human. People make mistakes. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about having integrity. Strive for accuracy. Trust your intuition, validate with a scientific method. Honor that gut feel while incorporating data into your decision making. 

Never Stop Improving. 

It’s about lifelong learning. It’s the journey, not the destination. Take big ideas and break them down into manageable chunks. Be thoughtful in planning and diligent in work. Focus on what’s important over extended periods and allow efforts to compound over time. 

Explore. Dream Discover. 

Have courage. Be Pioneering. Try new things. Go off the beaten path. Get inspired. Follow your intuition. Find new ways, subvert dominant paradigms. Allow for possibility in your thinking. Go forth into the unknown. 

Nothing is Perfect. 

Start with extremes. Find middle-ground. Be strong, yet flexible. Confident, yet humble. Be professional but be yourself. Use careful planning with good improvisation. Be prudent yet take bold action. Have patience, seize opportunity.