The Small Market Business Awards 2020

This year’s SMBA winners span a variety of industries and stages. We are proud of the growth of each of our clients over this especially trying year, and are highlighting some of the companies who have found the challenges of 2020 as a new opportunity to overcome, and flourished in the process.

Best Marketing Strategy - Understated Leather
Marketing strategy is beyond great design, it’s being effective and finding high returns on ad spend. With a 500% ROAS, Understated Leather is a force on the strategic marketing front and has seen 30% YoY revenue growth and strong profitability as a result.
Congratulations, Understated Leather!
Best Team Building - Word + Carr
In the midst of limited office space due to COVID, Word + Carr Design Group began management meetings with a large leadership team, allowing them to engage a team with multifaceted skillsets. In addition, they built out a sales department that has built a robust pipeline.
Congratulations, Word + Carr!
Best Use of Capital - Sportsman's FInest
Using capital efficiently and effectively is a skill in itself, and one that Sportsman’s Finest has been able to master with ease in 2020. We commend their incredible use of inventory to fund growth, doubling the business this year while keeping expenses low and costs tight.
Congratulations, Sportsman’s Finest!
Best Execution - Alice James
Alice has grown from an independent consultant to a solid Operator stage business, with a highly professional and rapidly growing team. By defining clear roles and creating scalable systems, she has increased her operational efficiency with a high level of excellence.
Congratulations, Alice James Global!
Highest Growth - TurboPass
Highest growth is an overall picture of the team, entry into new markets, new product segments, and overcoming challenges. Effective growth takes careful planning, and even more disciplined execution. TurboPass has done both with a new strategic partnership and is slated for incredible revenue growth in 2021.
Congratulations, TurboPass!

Congratulations to our Graduators!!

Davinci Founder to Operator
Growing from Founder to Operating is a daunting step.  This is when it goes from being just you and maybe a few contractors to really building a business that has established processes and a team that supports you in serving your customers and clients.  It takes courage to commit to the fixed costs of payroll and stepping up into a leadership role.
Lick Operator to Asset
Growing from Operator to Asset Stage is something most business owners dream of accomplishing.  Congrats to Chad and Anthony for building a business that has a sustainable brand, products, and bringing in a management team that can help expand the vision without you having to be involved in the day to day.  
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